Socially Responsible

Competitive Performance With Lower Risk

In practice, our Socially Responsible portfolios are managed by participating in an investment process similar to that used with our standard Equity and Fixed Income portfolios, and hold a similar number of securities and have the similar cumulative weighting in industries or sectors as those portfolios.

For Socially Responsible portfolios, Great Lakes’ portfolio managers use qualitative screens as an overlay on our Equity and Fixed Income portfolios to avoid investments in companies and organizations whose activities and businesses are not consistent with our clients' mission or values. We analyze data from research services that specialize in assessing companies' records on social issues.

In addition, our managers perform their own research of the products, strategies, and leadership of these companies and organizations as part of the screening process. We will not purchase equity or fixed income securities that fail to meet the client's social investing criteria. Rather, we will substitute socially responsible choices within the same industry or sector, or that share similar investment characteristics.

Competitive Performance With Lower Risk