Diversified Balanced

Competitive Performance With Lower Risk

Great Lakes Advisors combines our large cap value, small cap equity and fixed income separately managed strategies along with a diversified group of funds in an open architecture format that provides solutions to our clients seeking balanced portfolios.


The firm's portfolio managers and investment committee bring decades of experience to the balanced investment process.  The separately managed equity and fixed income styles are built upon a common philosophy resulting in a consistent firm-wide thought process and a lower risk approach to balanced management.

We believe that an active, value-oriented diversified portfolio built through consistent applications of separately managed strategies and a diligent fund selection process, included with a diversified, individually selected portfolio of fixed income securities is the optimal approach to delivering long-term superior investment performance. We believe in a conservative approach to fixed income as well as a diversified equity management approach, adding value to our portfolios in lower risk ways.


The firm's approach is based on strategic rather than tactical or "market-timing" considerations.  The market's current risk and return parameters are measured through a structured methodology that studies relative value of stocks and bonds, valuation relative to history, and liquidity trends and their relation to financial asset prices.

Our overall goal is to provide the best combination of financial asset classes, given prevailing market conditions, which meets client guidelines while adhering to our belief in a conservative, long-term approach to investing.

Competitive Performance With Lower Risk