Diversified Balanced

Competitive Performance With Lower Risk

For clients in search of a tailored investment portfolio diversified across asset classes, we combine our equity and fixed income styles to create balanced portfolios.

We utilize sophisticated risk analytics and asset allocation models to ensure the portfolio is constructed and managed in accordance with each client’s unique, long-term objectives.


The Great Lakes Advisors balanced investment style centers on the proven benefits of asset allocation. The firm believes that a superior risk management strategy for both fixed income and equity investments is diversification across industries/sectors, rather than market timing. Through the Diversified Balanced strategy, the firm is able to increase the likelihood of superior returns in most market climates. The objective is to ensure that portfolios are neither concentrated nor index-like, but always well-diversified.

In addition to our dedication to investing, we also emphasize a dedication to our clients. Every client of Great Lakes Advisors works with a Managing Director of the firm and has access to our depth and resources at all times. We tailor communication to the specific needs of each client and seek to build long-term relationships with our clients.

To learn more about Great Lakes Advisors’ Diversified Balanced strategy we invite you to contact Jason Turner at 312.373.1475 to arrange for an appointment to discuss your investment management needs.

Competitive Performance With Lower Risk